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Why Buy Local?

Some Benefits to Buying Local...

  • Freshness and Taste - Local Produce is usually picked at it's peak of ripeness, you will taste the difference!
  • Better for You - Fresh Produce loses nutrients quickly which means the more miles between the farm and your fork, the lower the nutrient content.
  • Preserves Variety and Genetic Diversity - Local Farms can grow niche varities you can't find elsewhere.
  • Supports Local Farm Families - Brookdale started in 1847 and now has it's 7th Generation working here!
  • Strengthens Local Economy - Buying Local keeps money within the community, which contributes to the health of all economic sectors.
  • Preserves Open Space - When you buy local, you contribute to preserving the Rural and Agricultural landscape.
  • Environment - Buying Local reduces dependence on petroleum as well as minimizing pollution and packaging from shipping across country.
  • Sustains Our Future - Supporting Farms today ensures there will be farms in the community tomorrow, and future generations will have access to nourishing and flavorful food.
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